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In a world in which the term ‘jeweler’ is loosely defined, with fashion brands and large luxury companies producing jewelry, Sean Gilson is a rare breed;

a true jeweler, goldsmith, designer and connoisseur of gems, personally handcrafting every creation. 


From concept and design, to his innovative use of old and new world techniques and final finishing—a piece of jewelry need never leave his hands.

Sean Gilson is a master.

Sean's foundation is an academic background in Fine Arts, and the study of jewelry under renowned European and American metalsmiths. A fascination with the design of all objects and a growing appreciation of gems led him to fine jewelry. Sean works from his studio in Connecticut and workshop in New York.


In The Penland Book of Jewelry, Jaime Pelissier describes Sean as

“a goldsmith’s goldsmith, with a vast repertoire of traditional and non-traditional techniques, all expressed at the highest level of achievement”. Sean's clients have a deep appreciation of these skills and his ability to listen and interpret what they desire in a custom creation. Their involvement in the process is a memorable experience, adding emotional value to every new legacy piece. 


A jewel need never shout if there is integrity of design, materials and craftsmanship.

A Sean Gilson piece is a sophisticated, infinitely wearable treasure.

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