Opal & Natural Pearl ring with Blue Diamonds, steel and rose gold shank

Bubble necklace, South Sea and Akoya Pearls, 100 inches long

Large Pearl, Aquamarine, Diamond and Moonstone earrings

Bubble ring, South Sea and Akoya Pearls, 18K white gold

Front-Back Bubble earrings, South Sea & Akoya Pearls

Geometry Bubble earrings, Freshwater & Akoya Pearls, 18K white gold

Bubble stud earrings with South Sea & Akoya Pearls 18K

Natural American Pearls, Georgia Amethyst pin

Pagoda & Elm Pearl earrings, 18K

Natural Color Lavender Pearl, Jadeite, and Fluted Emerald Bead necklace, 20K rose gold

Constellation Earrings with 14mm blue Tahitian Pearls & Demantoid Garnets, 18K

Constellation earrings with Diamonds, Freshwater or Tahitian pearls

Triple Freshwater Pearl Necklace of 42", 38" and 30" strands, large Baroque Pearl as clasp

'V' Pearl Star pin

Large Freshwater Pearl necklace, hidden 18K gold clasp